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South Wales Upholstery

Re-Upholstery by Christopher Designs

Has your favourite piece of furniture seen better days? Before you embark on a one-way trip to the furniture graveyard, why not see for yourself how with help from Christopher Designs new life can be put into your once prized possession?

Despite spending countless hours choosing quality furniture that looks good, fits well, and is built to last the stresses and strains of modern life, the moment that item starts to show signs of furniture fatigue, our first instinct is to ditch the old and desire the new.

But, with the cost of living constantly rising, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to acquire the same level of quality that our tired treasures have provided.

Our re-upholstery service provides the perfect solution to tired stressed out sofas, beaten up and decaying dining chairs. Our highly skilled craftsmen strip the item down to the frame — repairing and rebuilding the piece from its core before recovering the item in your choice of fabric and finishes.

It’s possible to restore almost any item, from the complete rebuilding of furniture to the re-filling and re-covering of cushions! The options are endless, and with so many sumptuous fabrics and finishes to choose from — you’re guaranteed a truly transformed and utterly unique result!

What’s more, this cost-effective practice will lessen your contribution to furniture landfill sites, and their negative impact on the environment, meaning you will not only gain a fabulously restored piece of furniture, but also the feel good factor of upping your green credentials! What’s not to like? Get in touch to see how we can provide a furniture facelift!

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When you decide you wish to proceed, we collect your furniture from your home so that our skilled upholsterers can renovate and re-upholster your furniture in our own workshop. Your transformed furniture is then returned to your home with care